Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things that caught my attention this week: #1 ( people+spaces)


First Up! A designer I realllly like: 

If we have a little boy, I want to highlight the nursery in some of these vibrant fun colors, like the blues and that spunky yellow you see on His door. This fun little living room makeover was so neato. This space whispers coastal, casual, lively, cozy. Go check Him out! And He went to UC Santa Cruz. So close to home for me! Gotta love it. 



I also LOVE reading updates and posts from this lovely New Yorker: 

Her blog is about beauty, inspiration, motherhood and being a lovely wife and woman. She is a working Mom, who values family, cooking, and spending quality time with Her husband and boys. I really like her take on a lot of things. She is a professional blogger and I love imagining her in her office in NYC thinking up fun blogs. What a doll, would love to have a glass of wine with her in real life. 


Another fun inspiration I have is the idea of a baby moon! Ever heard of it?! You get the idea right?? Unlike a honeymoon this trip happens before baby arrives.You can bet I'm hinting to Rory that this is something I'd love...empty beaches, room service, swanky lobby and that food...swoon. This little lady, (also from NYC) and her hubby, who I've been following for years, took their trip in Vieques, Puerto Rico. swoon. If you know me you know the tropics have a special place in my heart. I watch the video of their trip often, check it out then plan your next vacation :)

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