Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspiration for the nursery 2.0

Currently on a really calm, cool, whites, grays, blacks, basket/ bamboo,& stripes kick for the nursery. I am currently swoooooning over Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, and found one at Home Depot today, potted, for only $20! I also remember, while gazing dreamily at photo of Mexico today on instagram, how much I loved the basket lamps that hung all over the tiny town we Honeymooned in and how often I mentioned to Rory about how I REALLY wanted a few in our home, I liked them a lot. The photo above has long, straight lamps, I'm going to look for a rounded closed basket lamp to hang in the corner of the nursery with a very soft bulb, to use in the wee hours or at bedtime. After baby is born, I will add more feminine touches or more masculine ones. Like subtle yellows, corals or pinks for a little gal, and blues, greens and black for a little man. I Like these inspiration boards:

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