Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gender wives tales

Since we are choosing to wait till we meet our baby to find out the gender, I thought it'd be fun to knock out some "wives tale gender hints."

  •  Baby's Heartbeat: On our last ultrasound, on January 14th, our babies heartbeat measured 167: girl
  • Cravings: Sushi ( salty and sweet): girl and boy
  • Morning Sickness: PTL no: boy
  • Emotions: Happy: boy
  • Skin: Hard to tell, since it's winter, and since I work at starbucks I keep my skin well lotioned to fight off driness ( since we wash our hands so often): neither
  • Sleep On: Naturally I sleep on my right side, facing Rory, but recently and right before I got pregnant, I starting feeling like I wanted to sleep on my left, which NEVER happened before: Boy
  • Headaches: Yes: boy

                                           out of 7: 4 boy, 1 girl, 2 neutral 

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