Monday, July 27, 2015

38 weeks and counting!

 How far along:
38 weeks!

How long to go:
2 weeks ( or less or more) I like to really say anyday now though. I called Rory at work the other day, He was having a tough day, and He said, " I really thought you were calling to tell me it was time!" haha no babe not yet. He's so anxious to meet His sweet baby. As am I! I felt an overwhelming sense of love for the baby during church yesterday! I just can't believe it's so close! All these weeks and months! It really is a long journey!

What do I miss:
Beer, wine, cocktails. Moving freely and easily. Working out! I cannot WAIT to sweat it out at Zumba after this baby comes out, I seriously dream of getting back to the gym and really going for it... I just adore working out and I want to get some intense cardio in ASAP. I also really miss school... something 14 year old me would SCOFF at! I start again at the end of October and really cannot wait to get back into the classroom! 


BBQ meat. tis the season though. last week I think I a beef brisket lunch sandwich three nights in a row while working, I can't get enough protein right now! especially the bbq'd smothered in sauce type ;-) Thankfully at family dinner last night we had BBQ'd turkey burgers and hot dogs. Cravings satisfied. Also turkey deli sandwiches and salt and vinegar chips. YUM! 
Still drinking SO MUCH ice water and chewing soft ice, all day! I just LOVE chewing ice.

The other night while I was sitting up in bed, Rory got to feel a really good " roll" movement across the very top of my belly, I imagine it was a little foot stretching, since baby is headed downwards! That was a special movement! I imagine when I interact with this little one for the first few weeks, I see the way baby moves, It will make a lot of sense what I was feeling while baby was still curled up inside of me. 

I have a fun project I've asked for Rory to build for the wall in the nursery. I also still want to hang some succulents and get a large fig leaf plant for the corner to add some clean green. I also plan on picking this baby up, or something very similar either at Target or Home Goods,  both places I have G.C. to, for a place for my feets when I'm in the rocker, and a storage for nursing essentials, which my sister Karie suggested I have close to the rocker, since the first few weeks are spent nursing so often. I also need to pick up a changing table pad and cover, and Rory needs to fix a few broken parts on the changing table, we got it free from a neighbor, " previously loved."

Dr. Appts:
I had an appt last friday with my Doctor. Everything's looking good. Baby is in the 85% of growth and height, so I imagine we don't have a small baby on our hands! Never thought we would :-) My appts will be weekly now that I'm getting so close to my D.D. So I'll have an appt. this friday. 

Sleep hasn't been that hard these last few days thankfully! And I've been sleeping in a lot and resting during the day! I want to make sure and not do anything too intense, because as my doula reminded me, you never know when you're going to go into labor and you don't want to start off exhausted. Wise woman. :-)

How do I feel:
HUGE!! VERY pregnant. " how much bigger can this belly/baby get?!" That about sums it up! ;-)
I still feel really great 90% of the time, so no complaints here, just observations about my belly and the size of the baby! I had my last day of work on Saturday! I am really excited to rest and nest till my Momma arrives in one short week and two days! I have a list of things I want to accomplish while she's here, the list grows daily. I hope we have a little bit of time before I have the baby, to deep clean, and spend quality time together walking the block and putting away my last minute goodies.
On another note: I'm really looking forward to not being pregnant anymore! Some women are miserable during pregnancy and others it's the best they've ever felt, i've felt neither extreme, but more so in the middle, thankful I'm not miserable, but also not super stoked about sharing my body with another for such a long time! I really do look forward to being me again and having freedom and physical mobility back ;) Sometimes Rory has to help me out of bed because at this point it's a joke how big this belly is and how incapable I am of doing certain things. Oh and let me tell you! I dream of the first beer and real sushi roll I get to consume! CANNOT WAIT! 

Momma thoughts:
I picked up this little cutie for our " if we have a boy" blog photo and insta-nouncement, and I have a sweet little floral headband for our " if we have a girl" announcement. :-) Rory is trying to think of a fun way to announce to anyone who's in the waiting room, what the baby is, and our doula thought of a really sweet idea: She said when the nurses print the baby's feet, we can bring along blue and pink ink pads, and have them do a set in the respective color, on a while shirt that Rory can keep and wear to announce the gender! I loved the idea. 

Additional Information: 
Baby is the size of a winter melon. Your baby is producing surfactant, which will help him take those first breaths while you're producing colostrum, the precursor to breast milk. Your little one isn't quite so little anymore, weighing close to seven pounds and measuring nearly 21 inches long. Only two more weeks (or plus two more, max) before your baby makes his or her appearance!

This series of photos titled: Getting ready for baby!

Rory figuring out the carseat

How I "eat"  my five dates daily: Smoothie!

My co-workers threw Rory and I a sweet little baby shower on the patio at work yesterday after church! we ate lunch, and visited, and opened all sorts of lovely gifts! they showered baby with so much love!! We left feeling so blessed.

The hilarious text Rory sent me yesterday after He finished installing the car seat in the pathfinder. It really does make it that much more real, seeing the sweet little seat in my backseat. Soon our little one will fill those tiny cushions. 

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