Monday, July 13, 2015

36 weeks!

another classy bathroom shot! soon enough my belly will cover up the reflection of the toilet... ;)

How far along: 36 WEEKS!!!

How long to go: 4 ish weeks!

Movement: Baby is headed downward so I get lots of kicks and movement with baby's feet on the upper right side of my stomach, and lots of hiccups and punches on the lower left side. Baby's movements have changed a lot since there isn't a lot of room. Movements are so constant and frequent throughout the day, it makes me sad to think I won't feel them in just a few short weeks :'(

Sleep: Pretty good for the most part! As long as I stop my water intake at a reasonable hour before bed, I don't tend to wake up in the middle of the night. Since baby is headed downwards, when I lay on my left side, I know the baby's head slides over to the side because I feel hiccups and lots of movement.

How do I feel: Really very good. Rory has pointed out that about every two or three days I have a hard day, where it just feels like baby is so heavy and stretching me, then I'll get used to it and have a few really good days. My last day of work is July 25th!!!! I'm really looking forward to that time off, my Mom joins us for a month, starting Aug 3rd!!! I hope the baby waits till she's here to show up. I'm looking forward to quality time with her. I would love to make freezer meals, and deep clean the house, before baby arrives. I do hope the baby comes early August though, because both my Sister -in-law and Mother-in-law are teachers and they go back to school around 8-10. My sister Karie arrives Aug 19th for a week! My baby shower for work is 7-26! I have SO MUCH to look forward to in this next month! 

Mama thoughts: As time narrows down, I feel so much excitement and I really do feel ready. Having taken most of our newborn classes with our friends from church, and getting my birth plan, meetings with Doula (tomorrow and another before baby)
There are still quite a few things I need to do before baby shows up, and a few more classes through Kaiser ( birthing class, stork tour and breastfeeding class) that we still need to cross off our list. I feel as if my to-do list grows longer everyday! What with getting my maternity leave and state leave in order, trying to get all of my schooling paper work and appts finished, I transferred college's just recently and will start my first semester at Arizona State University online, in October (!!!!), as well as getting all my baby ducks in a row here at the house, organizing nursery, etc. I've been home a lot more lately and I love it! It gives me such good time to rest, sleep, organize, keep up on daily chores, cook dinner, etc. My husband works long long hours and it makes my heart so happy knowing that when He gets home the house is clean and dinner is on it's way to being done. He can just relax and rest, from hard physical labor.  

Additional Info: (WTE Baby is now about six pounds and 20 inches long. Growth will experience a slowdown now, both so your baby will be able to fit the narrow passageway to the outside and also so he or she can store up all the energy needed for delivery.

Nursery: I have the next three days off, so I plan on doing some major damage in there today and the following few days! I am making a few returns today and using a few gift cards and money to buy the crib mattress, crib sheets, and a few other things that will make me feel more ready! I think the only large item we still need is our stroller, but my wonderful sister found me a barley used Moby Wrap, which I can use for walks, church, etc for the first few months anyways. We also are needing to invest in the cloth diaper system with my friend Amy's company Buttons Diapers eventually, but will use disposables for now, until we can afford to buy the cloth. 

Dr. Appt: Thursday I had an ultrasound ( possibly my last!) and then Friday a routine doctor visit. At the Ultra sound the tech said baby is headed down and facing the right direction! And she said baby's estimated weight is 6.7lbs! Which puts me at about 37+ wks as far as baby's growth is concerned. I doubt i'll have a small baby anyways, so I imagine this little bugger is going to be close to 9lbs at birth! A friend suggested a poll that we take for babys delivery date, time weight & height. I might set something up on here, so be on the lookout in the next few weeks.

Important to-do's:
1.) Pack hospital bag
2.) Install car seat

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