Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Mom blogs I love most! lots o links

I know I've mentioned at least one of these babes before, but I have to post about them! Three Mom's I check up on daily. I love these gals for different reasons, and I'm VERY pick when I pick to read a blog, especially on mothering and being a woman and wife. Just to buffer these, I doubt i'll ever find a blogger I agree with %100, but for the most part each of these woman have won my heart for different reasons. Here's why! :-)  

Joanna Goddard: This gal is a usually a very fun read! Lots of suggestions and fun links to other things she finds interesting, helpful, hilarious online. She also "tours" houses all over the US of women who she admires and respects, in design and lifestyle! I love the house tours! She is a gentle loving Mother and Wife to her hubby Alex and boys Anton and Toby. She is a working Mom who has a good balance in her life. I respect that a lot and find a lot of life/momma motivation from her. I value her and would love to, like I said before, sit and have a glass of wine with her!

Next up!

Kelsey Williams: I've learned about myself in the last few years, that when someone "bows me up" or annoys me, I usually end up loving that person later! I've had a few moments like that when reading this blog. What was really going on is that my small closed mind was being challenged and opened. I realize that now and appreciate her so much more. I LOVEEEE Kelsey's honesty, and how well she knows herself and the things she wants in life. I get a lot of inspiration from her for her design and d.i.y.'s, her parenting style and tips are so sweet and helpful too! I love her simple clean style and a lot of what I do on my blog and in my home reflect her style. I love her pregnancy updates too!  

And last but not least: 

Naomi Davis: This sweet NYC Momma is a doll. And come on now, a family that Birks together, stays together! She and her hubby Josh are passionate about travel! I love this, other then passing the legacy of our faith to our children, travel is the 2nd biggest gift we want to give to our littles. We value seeing the world a lot and think it is worth every penny! So seeing her making it a priority too is awesome! PS: They love the Mexico like we do! Yay palm trees and beaches!
I love her outlook on life, she's a very positive person and always tries to keep that outlook, but she's also honest and isn't naive. She loves her babies so much. It's so sweet. She is SUCH a fun Momma too! I value that!

Hope you find inspiration from these betties, they're all gorgeous and shine brightly. 

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