Sunday, April 12, 2015

22 weeks!

Hello my blog friends! 
Sorry for the later than normal post.

How Far Along: 22wks and 3 days as i write.

How long to go: 123 more days to go!

How do I feel: really good actually! I feel the weight of the baby in my uterus for sure, I've described it as an " empty weighty feeling" in my lower stomach. 

Maternity Clothes: LOVE my maternity clothes, what a joy it is to wear stretchy shorts, pants and tops! I am still using the Rubber Band trick on most of my jeans and shorts, but it's becoming less and less comfortable.

Sleep: I sleep pretty well and have most of the same issues I was having the last few weeks, position and waking up a bit earlier then I'd like.

Mama Thoughts: I am loving feeling the baby move and kick every so often!!! I want MORE baby! You hear that?! I'm learning the baby's sleep/ wake patterns too! I love this!

Weight Gain:  still only about 7lbs so far!

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