Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ramon's Birth Story! Hours 4:00- 10:00pm

As you would come to expect, " free" time is limited over here in the Simmons nest, but I knew I wanted to write this out before I forget too many details! God given amnesia is starting to set in, THANK GOD, or else I might never have wanted to give birth to another child. Back labor is NO joke.

4:00 pm August 19th:

My Mom, Rory and I met my Dad (who drove down from the bay area) at Kaiser, here in Fresno. MANY hours and prayers lead up to this day. I was almost a week late, and we were there for my induction. Something I dreaded and was so against, but for many reasons, we decided it was time, and left it in the Lord's strong hands, trusting that everything was in His timing and Will, even with the supposed help of meds.

4:30 pm:

Getting settled into our room, at this time it was only Rory and I in the room. My Mom, Dad and later my Mother in law, were in the cafeteria, waiting on a word from us. Right when we arrived two women gave birth, so we waited a long time to  be seen. The staff at Kaiser is amazing, and made sure we were informed as to what was going on, and made us laugh and helped me to relax a lot! Eric & Jen were our nurses who got us checked in. At this time we still had our doula hold off on coming to the hospital, since there was obviously no reason to need her at this point. And my family was in and out visiting, my mother in law left after picking up Karie, to return at a later time, once we called her.

6:30 pm 

My sister Karie arrived in Fresno!!! My mother in law and Dad went to pick her up at the airport and she quickly joined us in the room! We visited and enjoyed catching up with her. I was so glad to have her there! *Fun fact!!*: She also was 6 days late with her first born, Jonah, and I flew in the day before He was born, just like she did, and was able to be there at his birth! It was God's plan for us to be there at such significant events in each others lives!! We couldn't be more thankful for our Jonah and Ramona! hehe I swear I didn't plan that! :-)


My first 1/2 dose of Cytotech (cervix softening med) The plan was that the nurses would administer two doses, three hours apart. The first dose didn't feel like it did anything, at this point I was laying in bed, visiting with family members. 

9:00 pm

First full dose, second dose altogether, of the meds. administered orally, we called Becca to come in, figuring things would pick up soon. This worked out well for her since she is married with two small children. Once she arrived we visited and got her acquainted with my sister. We all enjoyed some quality time together while things were still calm. 

10:00 pm

Rory and Rebecca went to the car to get some of her supplies. I had the sudden urge to use the restroom, and as I got up, liquid spilled all over the room as I made it to the bathroom. I was thinking to myself, " Wow Rach, you made it this entire pregnancy without peeing on yourself and all of a sudden you can't hold it in anymore?!" hehe silly first time Momma! I'm trying to clean up and take care of myself in the restroom alone, and I realize I should call someone. Thankfully there's a nurse call button in the restroom, so I alarm the nurses and let them know what was going on. I figure this might be my water breaking, but there wasn't a ton of fluid. They did a neat little test with a strip of paper, and confirm it was in fact my water breaking! 

Now is an exciting time to stop. Will continue when I have a few free moments! Thanks for reading. And now a bunch of cute photos of my gorgeous daughter! 
first dinner date: Cattlemans

 one of our favorite nurses! Jen

One week old! Hello World!

our sweet little hippie chick

 my favorite outfit!

She already has such great feed, wake, sleep stretches!

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