Monday, August 3, 2015

39 weeks!

How far along: 
39 weeks

How long to go:
1 week

How do I feel: really good! I didn't honestly think i'd feel as well as I do, being at the bitter end of my journey. I'm so grateful, to say the least. 

relatively normal, lots of movements at night. 

Mama thoughts:
I'm doing everything I can to get this baby out this week naturally. Induction is an ugly word in my world right now, but The goal of having a healthy labor and delivery and baby, is more important then the journey. I know I have to keep that in mind. Drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea and pregnancy tea from this wonderful company. And doubling my date intake in my morning smoothies. Eating lots of spicy foods and excising daily, either swimming or walking. 
I am also thankful to say that I have not heard from my Doctor. He said if the labs came back with any negative results, He'd be calling me right away and tell me to head into L&D to be induced. So not hearing from Him is such a blessing. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and another Dr. appointment Thursday and will update as soon as I can. He will be checking me for dilation as well.  

Sleep is good! I try to go to the bathroom as much as I can before I get to  sleep so I don't have to wake up too often to pee, but it's usually once a night.

Nursery: I'm in love with our baby's nursery!!!
I'm beyond grateful for my friend Shadon, who after reading my blog entry last week, text me letting me know about a changing table pad she heard about on FB, used that was going for $5!!! The gal who was selling the changing pad, lived just minutes away from me and I went over there as soon as this sweet gal gave me the go ahead. She also included a sheet! What a doll! And a huge thank you to Shadon!!! What a need fulfilled! What a blessing. Makes my changing table feel complete!  We put up curtains and it really brings things together. I feel really set up for success in there! I purchased a storage ottoman (grey) with a gift card, from Target, to keep next to my rocker, stocked with nursing essentials, coconut oil ( to be used as nipple cream), water, nursing pads, etc. A great idea from my sister. It's so transitional! It's a foot stool and a storage cube.  It's top is also firm enough that I can put a glass of water or iced tea on top, so I can keep hydrated while nursing. I also have that adorable little yellow basket filled with burp cloths, a few soft blankets, and little terry cloth wash cloths, and my Breast Friend is next to the chair too. 
I also put in a few succulents and a soft light in the nursery and a few prints i've been wanting to hang up. It's such a calm room.

Additional Info:   Baby is Full-Term
Congratulations! At 39 weeks pregnant, you've got what is officially considered a full-term baby. Your baby now weighs around seven to eight pounds and measures 19 to 21 inches.

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