Saturday, October 3, 2015

30 things I'm grateful for:

I've been inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to start a grateful list each month reflecting on the previous month. You can view hers here


1. Dr. Brown's bottles.

2. Bible study: what we're reading.

3. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

4. Funny texts with my sister.

5. Family dinners every Sunday.

6. Starbucks.

7. Getting back to the gym.

8. Surviving and celebrating month one with a newborn!!!

9. Gazebo gardens.

10. Sleep training success: seeing all of my hard work pay off!

11. Packages from family members from afar with gifts for Ramona.

12. Our church nursery and the lovely women that volunteer there. 

13. Quality, sturdy, adorable cloth diapers!

14. My dogs, Lily and Luca.

15. Sweets.

16. Cooler weather!

17. Birthday countdowns.

18. Mona taking a bottle!

19. Cheap lunch dates at Costco.

20. My husband getting home early multiple days this month!

21. My bed.

22. Coffee in the morning, already ready for me when I get up, thanks to Rory.

23. A good 6-week postpartum Doctors appointment.

24. Adorable baby clothes.

25. Last full month of my twenties!

26. Friends from church who we connect with and enjoy so very much.

27. Watching Ramona work on and conquer so much this past month: Taking her pacifier, taking a bottle, working on holding her head up, recognizing my voice from across the room, smiling at us (!), learning to fall asleep on her own, handling new situations like a champ, and becoming her own little person.

28. Remembering the gift my husband has said He's wanted for years, right before His birthday!

29. Smiles every morning from my sweet baby girl! She's such a morning person.

30. Dependable friends who text back. 

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