Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ramona: 5 months

My sweetheart is five months old today! So hard to believe we've had the privilege of loving her for almost half a year! What a joy it is to be her Momma. Her personality is blossoming so much! She is a joyful baby who loves her parents, dogs and being outside. 

My guess is that Ramona is around 14 pounds and 27 inches.

her cheeks are getting so round and kissable!!


When I sing to her

drinking from a water bottle or cup

rolling allll around

watching the pups play

Daddy's beard

being outside

loves watching my mouth move when i'm speaking to her or reading a book. she focuses intently!


Ramona dislikes teething

being hungry

certain strangers 


 First time in a grocery cart big kid seat

Sat up by herself


Pulled up her legs in a crawling position


Ramona had her first cold this month, it lasted about 7-10 days. Coughing, sneezing, running nose, and lots of congestion. She never had a high fever or anything close to it, so we knew she could fight it off herself. We gave her more water than usual during her cold. 

Teething, no teeth yet

Bath every three days

Still using cloth diapers

We give Ramona 4-6ou of organic formula every night before bed to top her off and get her to sleep longer. ( fingers crossed) 


We've had a rough month with sleeping. Ramona's naps are the shortest they've ever been. Some lasting 15 minutes, most only 30 minutes, like clock work. She wakes up exactly 30 minutes into each nap. We only got maybe 2-4 naps over 30 minutes this entire month. We had 3 nights in a row where Ramona woke up 2-4 times each night. Thankfully that seems to be over. We imagine teething, a growth spurt and the good ole sleep regression might have been rearing their ugly heads.


I am stretching Ramona's feedings to every 3.5 hours during the day.

Nursing has become frustrating and difficult at times. Ramona is a very distracted eater. We think we'll introduce solids sometime very soon to hopefully help fill her up and help her nap longer.


Play has become so much more fun with Ramona now that she's much more independent and exploratory.

She loves sitting in the walker activity set her Gramka ( Rory's Mom)
gave to her for Christmas. ( her only noise toy)

She loves books

And still loves chimes, bells and the plastic noises that some of her toys make.

her newest discovery is the furniture, she rolls over to whatever is closest and explores it

 my heart will never be the same.