Monday, December 21, 2015

Ramona: 4 months!

Our sweet babe is 4 months old! How did this happen?!

Growth: 13.7 lbs & 26in.

35% for weight
97% for height (!)
Dr says she's healthy!


Hearing me say " Mama" & "Dada"
Watching the dogs fetch.
Gasping at toys or my hair while she nurses.
Laying on her changing table.


Tummy time after a few minutes.


She eats every three hours during the day when she wakes up from her naps.
She gets formula every few days but is
mostly breastfed


Still sleeping though the night!
Naps are hit & miss.
Sometimes they're 30 min sometimes 2 hours!


First time in a high chair!
First time rolling over from back to tummy!
First giggles. 
Dedicated @ church Sunday!
Meeting Emmett (my best friend's 3 week old!)
Falling off the couch.
(She is OK :-))


We bathe her every 4 days.
She had 3 shots @ her 4 month appointment.
We think she's teething (very slowly)
She has yet to catch a cold!
(Go breast milk!)


Loves toys with bells & loves rattles.
Is completely content playing on a quilt while watching me in the kitchen for up to a half hour without fussing.
Is getting the hang of her bouncer.
Puts everything in her mouth!
Loves laying under the tree & staring at any kind of lights.
Loves to hear me sing.

Looking forward to:

Baby lead feeding.
Sitting up. ( our next big milestone) she's getting so good @ holding herself up in that position.
Cooking for her & seeing her in a high chair in the kitchen.

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