Monday, November 2, 2015

31 things I'm grateful for:

Our sweet baby will be 11 weeks Thursday!!

October grateful list:

1. Ladies Fall luncheon with our church!

2. Our local talk radio station KMJ 105.9. I listen every morning & love hearing news and local talk about our area! 

3. Winning TWICE on KMJ in two weeks: I won tickets to a craft beer festival & won a gift card to a local high end restaurant! total value of both: $200!

4. Rain!

5. Gazebo Gardens: a sweet little garden nursery that stay open late Thur-Sat nights & bring in local bands & food trucks. Its a fun weekend spot where we go to grab dinner & a beer, and enjoy the community of people that gather there with their families!

6. School: during the quiet of the mornings, before Ramona wakes up, I study & get assignments done and I love waking up slowly when it's quiet and the world is just waking up.

7. Health benefits. We love Kaiser!

8. Hard apple cider & pizza. yum

9. That first sip of coffee every morning.

10. Sunday night football at my in laws.

11. A very good 2 month check up for my tall girl!

12. Chipotle.

13. Random lunch dates with 3 very good friends.

14. Showering & celebrating my best friend & her baby!

15. Home made biscotti.

16. Chocolate.

17.Jimmy Fallon!!! He truly makes me giggle everyday.

18. My husband. He chooses to bless me so often.

20. Daily contact with my Mom & sister.

21. Singing to Ramona & seeing the joy she gets from it!!

22. My bed & pillows.

23. Rory & I's 30th birthdays!

24. A lovely, relaxing massage (my birthday gift from Rory) at The Spa at Fig Garden.

25. Ramona consistently sleeping through the night since 7 wks. old!

26. A warm pan of roasted veggies.

27. Candles! Woodwick candles are the coziest! 

28. All things pumpkins!

29. My co-workers & customers! Excited to be going back to work part time starting tomorrow.

30. Finding a bottle Mona LOVES, and getting it for FREE!

31. Laughter.

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